Privacy Policy

funding4business provides a platform for investors to view and evaluate prospective businesses for investment, and conversely it enables businesses to view and evaluate competitive financing that may be available to their business.

Therefore in the process, funding4business gathers and stores basic information on both investors and businesses in order to connect the parties in an open and transparent marketplace.

In the process, selective information is made available in the funding4business marketplace to facilitate the evaluation of a businesses and or possible investors.

Our Privacy Policy precludes us providing specific investor or business contact details unless specifically requested for by a party as a prelude to negotiating a business investment or loan.

Such requests must be accepted by the other party before the contact details of the either party are provided to each other.

Otherwise all personal, company, investor and business contact details are confidential and not available to any third party without the consent of the respective party.

However as a borrower, if your loan requirements match one or more of our preferential lenders, your business loan requirements, excluding your name and contact details, could be forwarded.

If the lender accepts the referral, then under these circumstances your business' name and contact details are sent to the lender.

We guarantee the highest level of privacy to our clients both investors and businesses.

If you have any questions or need clarification about privacy issues or confidentiality, do not hesitate to contact our Client Services team or drop us an email via our Contact Us link.


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