Infrastructure Financing


$50,000 - $5,000,000




Funding criteria

Minimum loan amount: $50,000

Maximum loan amount: $5,000,000

Financing Sector: Infrastructure Financing

Repayment method: Principal & interest

Repayment term: 60 months

Repayment frequency: Monthly repayments

Loan collateral: Property Secured

Loan guarantee: Directors

Minimum monthly revenue: $15,000

Maximum accounts receivable as a % of monthly revenue: 250.00%

Minimum years in business: 2 years +

Business sector: Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Location: Australia

Funding fees

Comparison rates from: 8.50%

Loan establishment fee: $1,500

Monthly loan service fee: $50

Investor description

At Macarthur Finance & Capital we have a proven track record and are committed to delivering to our clients.

Facilitating a loan between a borrower and a lender is about leveraging off experience, knowledge in the industry and relationship with the funder.

Private Funding:-

Providing a funding solution may be creating a hybrid of debt facilities to provide the borrower with what they are looking for. An example is maximising the borrowings available under non property asset classes which frees up the freehold property to get more traditional Bank funding against the property asset. Borrowers understand that they need to look at the average cost of debt rather than focus on a particular rate for a product.

Private funding is an alternative to Bank funding.  It is generally provided for short to medium terms and allows a borrower to take advantage of opportunities that traditional funders would not be interested in.   Traditional funders have constraints with what they can provide whereas private funders will recognise the positive return on the investment opportunity rather than historical performance.

Property Finance:-

At Macarthur Finance & Capital, we understand that developers need to take advantage of land purchases for future developments.  This often involves land banking and traditional funders may not be comfortable with the cash flow to service the debt.  We can provide a non-bank or private funding solution to hold the asset pending the commencement of the development.

Equipment & Motor Vehicle Finance:-

Traditional forms of funding for equipment and motor vehicle finance include:

  •                   Leasing (finance & operating)
  •                   Novated leasing
  •                   Commercial Hire Purchase
  •                   Chattel Mortgage
  •                   Vendor Rental
  •                   Escrow or progressive drawdown
  •                   Insurance Premium Funding
  •                   Floor Plan Finance

We will work with our client’s accountant to source the most suitable product given the business tax position.  Each of the products have varying tax treatments and it is important to maximise the benefit where possible.

Banks or traditional Primary Debt Funders will generally take a conservative approach to their level of funding for property development with restrictions on loan to end value, loan to total development cost and pre-sale level.  These hurdles can be overcome through a structured finance approach.  We are able to achieve this from our experience in understanding each of the risks associated with property development funding.

At Macarthur Finance & Capital we have the skills and the experience to help you with property finance.

Director, Ray Slack has been involved at industry association level for many years and is well respected by funders.