Invoice Financing


$10,000 - $150,000




Funding criteria

Minimum loan amount: $10,000

Maximum loan amount: $150,000

Financing Sector: Invoice Financing

Repayment method: Principal & interest

Repayment term: 12 months

Repayment frequency: Monthly repayments

Loan collateral: Receivables Secured

Loan guarantee: Owners

Minimum monthly revenue: $15,000

Maximum accounts receivable as a % of monthly revenue: 250.00%

Minimum years in business: 2 years +

Business sector: All business sectors

Location: Sydney

Funding fees

Discount rate: 15.00%

Investor description

$60 billion reasons to get your business in shape!

The NSW State government has committed $60 billion into infrastructure projects over the next four years.

Is your business geared to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity?


Don't be one of Australian businesses are having to wait an average of 52 days to get paid by their customers.

In today's tough economic climate more and more businesses are deliberately stretching out the time they take to pay their suppliers.

This is why Aussie businesses are turning toward Invoice financing and Omniveta.


Who is Omniveta?

Omniveta has its roots in Scandinavia, where we have been administering complex financial products on behalf of banks and other financial institutions for more than ten years.

We have offices and representatives in Sweden, Denmark and Australia.

We plan to open offices in Germany, UK and Norway during 2015.


Our company philosophy is simplicity and transparency.

This philosophy along with our experience has helped secure our position as a trusted business partner beyond financial intuitions.

For example, Omniveta was awarded an exclusive contract to provide invoice factoring, invoice administration and debt collection services to suppliers of the multi-billion Euro Femern tunnel project.


Why consider Invoice Financing?

If you can’t reduce costs or raise prices, speeding up your cash flow is the way to grow your business. 

The more business cycles you have in a year, the faster your company will grow.

Obviously the three factors that affect how many business cycles you’ll experience are your costs, your prices and the length of your operating cash flow.

Like most businesses you’ve probably trimmed your costs down to a minimum.

Plus your customers and clients aren’t going to agree readily to meaningful price increases.

But by selling some or all of your invoices to Omniveta you’ll be paid within 24 hours, not 30 to 60 days.


What are the benefits to your company by working with Omniveta?

Without having to borrow a cent from your bank, you’re injecting additional working capital into your business.

This makes it possible to increase your sales and have more business cycles in a year.

In other words, invoice financing with Omniveta makes it possible for you to grow your business at a greater rate.

No additional fees

No interest charges

Credit insurance

Credit monitoring

No fixed term contract

No fixed minimum amount