Any investments


$2,001 - $35,000




Funding criteria

Minimum loan amount: $2,001

Maximum loan amount: $35,000

Financing Sector: Business investments

Repayment method: Principal & interest

Repayment term: 6 - 60 months

Repayment frequency: Monthly repayments

Loan collateral: Unsecured

Loan guarantee: Personal

Minimum monthly revenue: $5,000

Minimum years in business: 2 years +

Business sector: All business sectors

Location: Australia

Funding fees

Comparison rates from: 9.00%

Loan establishment fee: $285

Investor description

We are redefining savings and loans in Australia

RateSetter connects lenders with creditworthy borrowers who want a simple, competitive personal loan. We are excited to be the first and only company in Australia to provide peer-to-peer lending to retail savers and investors.

RateSetter is not a bank. RateSetter is part of a new generation of modern businesses, using technology to replace traditional middlemen and reduce the costs of providing financial services.

We provide a transparent marketplace where lenders and borrowers, empowered by technology, can transact directly and share the benefits.

A peer-to-peer pioneer

The RateSetter group in the United Kingdom was the first peer-to-peer lender globally to introduce the concept of a provision fund to help protect lenders from late borrower payments or default. This innovation represents a significant evolution in peer-to-peer lending.

The money in the Provision Fund in Australia comes from borrowers, and is held on trust by an external trustee. Whilst the Provision Fund is not a guarantee or an insurance product, RateSetter Australia may make a claim on the Provision Fund on behalf of a lender in the event of a late borrower payment or default. 

Loan Fees & Loan Criteria

Monthly loan service fee:- Nil

Early repayment fee:- Nil

Loan Establishment fee:- Usually between $285 and $385

Risk Assurance fee:- Varies per individual

Loan fees:- Comparison rates from 9%

Loan collateral:- Unsecured or Secured over a motor vehicle

Minimum years employed:- Minimum 1 year or 2 years if self-employed

Type of borrower:- The borrower must be an individual and not a business or corporation

Regulated by ASIC

RateSetter holds an Australian financial service licence number 449176 and an Australian credit licence number 449176.

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