Who are we?

We’re glad you asked... funding4business is an open and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace, where established Aussie businesses can source affordable business loans, crowdfunding or start-up funding from willing lenders and investors at mutually acceptable rates and loan terms.

Our founders

Peter J Muldoon

Founder & Managing Director of Software Holdings.

Peter commenced his career with IBM in the mid-sixties and has worked continuously in the information technology and telecommunications sectors for over 45 years. Over this period Peter has been instrumental in the start-up and management of sixteen IT businesses.

Over the past 45 years, Peter has worked in sales, sales-management, marketing, operations, systems design and development, project management, business and general management, strategic planning, strategy implementation, change-management, business acquisitions and integration and business restructuring. Peter is a Director and investor in a number of private IT and investment companies.

Nicholas J Muldoon

Director of Software Holdings.
B. Bus Admin (Macquarie University), Pragmatic Marketing Certified, Agile Evangelist.

Nicholas is the Agile evangelist at Twitter based in San Francisco. Before Twitter he was the Agile Evangelist for Atlassian, where he worked closely with customers helping to ensure that they experience the maximum benefit from Agile development practices and processes.

Nicholas is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on topics related to Agile, DevOps, Agile marketing and business innovation. Over the last couple of years Nicholas has presented papers at Agile Australia, Agile China, Agile Japan, Atlassian Summits in USA & Australia and other international conferences in Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, Huston, Zurich, Beijing and Tokyo.

What is funding4business?

We’re glad you asked... funding4business is an open and transparent P2P marketplace, where established Aussie businesses can source affordable business loans from willing lenders at mutually acceptable rates and loan terms.

funding4business is not a bank, finance company or lender, and we are not owned or backed by a bank or finance company.

We are an Aussie company, with an Aussie team, applying Aussie developed technology and know-how, to a unique business financing problem.

How does funding4business work?

funding4business does not lend money or manage business loans.

We promote, manage and operate the funding4business P2P marketplace.

We connect business borrowers and start-ups to lenders and investors based on matching investing and borrowing criteria.

Our aim is to create the best opportunity for businesses to find affordable loans on one hand and help SMSFs, retail investors, and other lenders achieve better returns on their investment funds on the other.

How will funding4business benefit me?

The top three benefits to you are:

1. Simple, quick and inexpensive - We connect the parties based on matching loan criteria and you arrange the details of the business loan directly.

2. No banks, no finance companies, no middlemen and no hidden or excessive fees.

3. Plus, funding4business provides a number of optional standard form documents to assist the parties completing a loan.

Joining the funding4business marketplace is free

Marketplace listing for investors and business borrowers is free.

When you decide you want to “Connect” with a prospective business borrower, start-up, funder or investor,
there is a Connection fee of $85.

How do I get started?

It costs nothing to join the funding4business P2P marketplace.

Listing is free, so what are you waiting for?


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